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Last modified: 07/09/2021

Laotse is a Chinese restaurant in Moutfort, in the East of Luxembourg, and was founded almost 25 years ago. It has been a staple restaurant for Chinese food in the region for over two decades and is a go-to restaurant for many local families. However, the menu and the whole concept recently underwent a big makeover and the restaurant now features unique and authentic Chinese dishes.
The menu at this restaurant used to be quite large with a lot of heavier sauces and classic Europeanized dishes, such as sweet and sour chicken, fried rice or stir-fried beef with onions. However, in 2020, the restaurant was taken over by the owners' son, Dali. Working a corporate job before following in his parents' footsteps, he decided to take over his parents place to try and showcase more authentic Chinese cuisine in Luxembourg; something, that Luxembourg is still drastically lacking. He significantly reduced the menu, introduced new, lesser-known dishes, and emphasizes quality ingredients.
Yuling Duck
Unfortunately, just about when he implemented the ambitious changes to the menu, COVID hit. Nevertheless, the Laotse team scrambled together to make the best out of a bad situation, offering takeout and deliveries as well as opening the restaurant up with a limited seating capacity as soon as they could.
In order to slowly introduce the customers to a new array of dishes, the Laotse team initially started adding weekend specials to the menu, and people were hooked. Dishes such as stuffed, fluffy bao buns and Chinese hamburgers became so popular, that the team was able to completely redo the menu and add even more authentic staple dishes, such as Shanghai buns or Szechuan chicken.
By now, word has gotten around that in Moutfort you can actually find authentic Chinese food and the restaurant is becoming more and more popular. This is also due to their cool Instagram profile. Dali set up an Instagram page, picked up a camera, and has been taking amazing pictures of the food ever since. Not only does it help people to better visualize the dishes but it also showcases different ingredients and cooking methods people might not yet be familiar with.
The restaurant
The restaurant hall is relatively large and can accommodate quite a few people, still, it is recommended to book your table, especially on weekends. Parking is readily available in the close vicinity of the restaurant and there is a small terrace out front next to a relatively quiet street. They have some sunblinds so you can comfortably sit outside even when the sun is beating down. The kitchen has recently been upgraded to accommodate some of the new food projects they are doing, such as steamed buns.
The interior has also been renovated over the last couple of years and even though the restaurant is over two decades old, it definitely does not give off that vibe. The decoration has some traditional Chinese elements and everything is tastefully done, making it quite cozy. Throughout the restaurant, you can find amazing photographs from street photographer Gilles Kayser, which is pretty cool and the pictures give you a fresh and interesting insight into modern China.
Laotse has a nice but not overwhelming wine selection with some bubbles, white, rosé and red wines available, some from the Luxembourgish Moselle region of course. They try to showcase regional producers and so you'll also find products "made in Luxembourg" such as gin from The Groom or a wide variety of craft beers from Stuff Brauerei on the menu.
Soup Dumpling
The food
Chinese food has many different flavors, aromas, and cooking methods originating from different provinces and is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. At Laotse you can probably find the best, most authentic Chinese food in Luxembourg. Luxembourg still has a lot of below-average to average Chinese restaurants where the food is not great, taste and quality-wise. Not at Laotse. Here you will find more diverse, authentic dishes from all over China, using quality ingredients.
Most of the items on the menu are actually homemade and handcrafted in-house. Should you have any questions regarding the food, Dali will gladly take the time to explain the dishes and cooking methods. Prices are bit higher than at your average Chinese restaurant but considering the quality of the food, it is absolutely justified and we gladly pay a couple Euros more. We have tried and tested the menu extensively and we have quite a few favorites you should consider trying when paying Laotse a visit.
Shanghai Buns
Do not skip this one: Shanghai buns. These small steamed buns are made with a fluffy dough and are pan-fried until the bottom of the bun is crispy. The filling is fragrant, juicy pork, and simply delicious. Dunk them into some black Chinese vinegar and they are the perfect start to your meal. If you prefer seafood, there are homemade shrimp ravioli on the menu next to some of the classic dishes like spring rolls or wanton soup.
Beef Filet with Garlic Shoots
Another great thing about Laotse is that they have meat, fish, and veggie/vegan options available. If you like beef, we recommend you get the beef filet with garlic shoots, also known as "fleurs d'ail". They look a bit similar to spring onions but have a little bit milder, garlic flavor and pair well with the tender beef strips. There is also a vegan version of this dish with tofu, which I personally really enjoy.
Szechuan Chicken
If you are more into chicken, try the Szechuan chicken with dried chilies. Sounds spicy but it's not. Crispy chicken pieces are combined with dried chilies, which gives this dish a unique taste. It is rather on the dry side and does not have a great amount of sauce but the little bit that there is, you'll be scraping together to put on top your rice because it is that delicious.
Nonetheless, there is no shame in wanting some of the more Europeanized Chinese dishes, like stir-fried beef with onions. Is your go-to dish not on the menu? Feel free to ask and the kitchen will try their best to accommodate your request. They really know how to cook these "classics" on point! Take the caramelized chicken for example. It is extremely well done with crispy but juicy chicken pieces, covered in a sweet, tangy and savoury sauce and so much better than in any other restaurant. It's a guilty pleasure of ours.
Laotse Yellow Curry
Yellow Curry with Tofu
Laotse has a nice range of veggie dishes on the menu, starting with a red as well as yellow Chinese curry with silken tofu and vegetables. Unlike Thai curries with sweet coconut milk, these curries are a bit more acidic and richer, resembling more Japanese curry. I can really recommend both of them. They are also available with meat or seafood.
Another great veggie option are the Chinese aubergines in Yu Xiang sauce, a slightly sweet and sticky sauce that goes incredibly well with the melt-in-your-mouth Chinese aubergines. These are quite different from the European aubergines you find in the supermarket. Chinese aubergines are also purple but much thinner, longer and less bitter as they do not contain as many seeds. Even Chris likes these and some people come to Laotse just for this dish.
Side Dishes: Chinese Aubergines, Green Beans, and Grated Potatoes
Side Dishes
We're gonna give away a big secret here: The side dishes at Laotse are the real stars of the show. They might kinda sound unexciting but believe us, they are some of the best vegetable dishes you've tasted with fresh, quality ingredients cooked to perfection.
First and foremost, our personal favorite - green beans with fermented black beans. Green beans are stir-fried at a high temperature until charred and blistered and served with an umami-bomb sauce made from fermented black beans. I would be absolutely satisfied to simply have some of those beans and a bowl of rice for dinner. If you don't like beans, there is also a version of this with cauliflower.
If you like vinegary or sour things, try the potatoes. They are grated into fine strips, blanched in water, and served with Chinese vinegar. These things truly are addictive and go great with heavier meat dishes to cut through the fattiness. You can also get the Chinese aubergines as a side dish, which is great if you wanna try them out before getting them as a main.
Chinese Hamburger
During most weekends, Laotse will put some exciting specials on their menu. This is a great way to discover new, lesser-known dishes, that may as well become one of your new favorite foods. The specials are usually available Friday evening all throughout Saturday and Sunday, or as long as stocks last. One downside is that due to the high demand and the additional workload for the kitchen, food can take a bit longer during these days. So, make sure to bring a bit of patience and enjoy a The Groom Gin Tonic or one of the craft beers from Stuff Brauerei.
Bao Buns
One special that returns quite regularly and which is a fan favorite are bao buns. Big, fluffy buns filled with fragrant pork, veggies, or BBQ pork belly are steamed and served warm with Chinese vinegar. Or how about Chinese hamburgers, ever heard of them? Fragrant BBQ pork belly, slow-cooked for hours, served in a fluffy yet crispy bread bun. A great snack or starter for your meal. The filling is amazing and I could simply eat that as a main over rice. I actually wish they would put a dish using pork belly on their menu, such as Chinese BBQ pork, aka Char Sui. Pork belly is quite an underrated ingredient here in Luxembourg as it is considered to be a cheaper cut of meat. I would also love to see jars of homemade chili oil on each table to top your bao buns or spice up your favorite dish. Fingers crossed that they'll have that soon.
Lemongrass Chicken
A couple of weeks ago, Laotse introduced their take on lemongrass chicken, fragrant but not too overpowering as well as their homemade dim sum. It's exciting to see what new dishes they will be showcasing in the future. Do you have an idea for a great special? Don't hesitate to contact them as they love to hear new ideas and requests and make sure to subscribe to their Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming specials.
Matcha Tiramisu
The dessert selection at Laotse is still a bit lacking but they have recently introduced a new, must-try dish: matcha tiramisu. A slightly sweet mascarpone cream is combined with green tea-soaked biscuits and sprinkled with some slightly bitter and earthy matcha tea powder. Not only is this dessert really pretty but it is also incredibly delicious. The earthy matcha counterbalanced the sweetness of the cream, an amazing combination. Matcha is not for everybody but the taste in the dessert is not overpowering and so it is even enjoyable for those that are not a big fan.
Another secret item on the menu is inspired by a Luxembourgish classic: sorbet and a shot of alcohol. However, at Laotse they use a tart lemon sorbet and pair it with a very special Japanese plum liquor. The flavors pair very well together and it's not overly sweet. Great for people who like after-dinner drinks.
The best Chinese restaurant in Luxembourg?
In our books, yes! There is currently no other restaurant with such quality, authentic Chinese food. At least, we haven't found any restaurant that even comes close. Our favorite staple dishes are the beef with garlic shoots for Chris and one of the curries with tofu for me, with a side of green beans of course. On the weekends we love to go there to try the enticing new specials that we can't miss.
Dali has succeeded in his mission to show off different styles of authentic Chinese cooking and paired with quality ingredients and friendly service, it has shown people how diverse and interesting this Asian cuisine can be. And people have been coming back for more, proving that there is a high demand for this type of food. A new menu is planned for the end of the year and we can't wait to see what exciting dishes there are to come.
If you are not a fan of Chinese food because of bad or mediocre experiences in the past, we definitely urge you to pay Laotse a visit. This restaurant has definitely reinvigorated our love for Chinese food and is a unique restaurant experience in Luxembourg.